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Ninzi-Connect are a telecommunications and contact centre Solutions Company with over 22 years’ experience. We have a large customer base spanning the financial, insurance, retail, communication, utility, medical and travel sectors. Ninzi-Connect provide cost effective solutions that cover every aspect of the contact centre environment, from call automation to workforce management, recording, quality management and business analytics. We use our extensive experience, gained over many year of dealing with a large number of organizations in South Africa to implement and optimize the use of these solutions for maximum business advantage.

  • Ninzi-Connect offer products and professional services that include:
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) systems for inbound call automation.
  •  Outbound automation systems for predictive, progressive and preview dialling.
  • Workforce management systems for staff scheduling, forecasting, tracking, real-time adherence and agent productivity reporting.
  • Voice and screen recording systems for compliance and legal purposes.
  • Quality management systems for customer service improvement and training.
  • Unified Communications Solutions with integration to Microsoft Architecture.
  •  Desktop Analytics and Automation to give operational insight, improve productivity and agent efficiency.
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) and application development.
  •  Omni-Channel Interactive Customer Engagement via customer mobile applications, SMS, social channels and chat bots.