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Customer Operations Excellence Manager

A passionate leader with over 20 years of experience, working with teams in different roles and various industries in both Europe and South Africa. Klaus always sets out to create a resilient culture of collaboration, empowerment, inclusiveness and accountability towards set goals.
In addition to his leadership experience in both medium sized organisations and global corporates, Klaus is an Internationally Certified Organisational & Systems/Team Coach ( This equips him to support teams of all sizes to be emotionally intelligent, innovative, collaborative and positive, allowing them to navigate change successfully and getting unstuck during conflict, achieving set goals and targets.
Klaus has many years of experience in change and project management, being responsible for various start-up operations which he successfully transitioned to business as usual operations. His years of experience include numerous change management initiatives covering organisational design and effectively taking people through several restructures.
In addition to his international coaching certificate, Klaus is also trained in ‘Time to Think’, offering powerful research based attributes that create the optimal environment for people to think and contribute creatively. Klaus is also trained in ‘Crucial Conversations’, assisting teams in having constructive conversations about topics that can keep them stuck.
In his spare time, Klaus loves spending time with his wife and 3 teenage boys, and finds balance in long mountain trail runs, which the Cape has many to offer. His passion for excellence drives him to continued learning in the space of enabling leadership and coaching


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