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inQuba is a high-growth 7-year-old customer experience management and customer engagement SaaS provider with customers and operations across 4 continents. Our holding company resides in the UK with operating subsidiaries in the USA, UK, South Africa, and Australia. Our mission is to be the enabler of a superior customer experience by providing our customers with a CX orchestration platform that allows listening to the customer, learning from the insights gathered by a CX program, sharing feedback and action plans with employees cross the operation, and engaging with the customer to close the feedback loop. inQuba CX is a scalable customer experience orchestration platform, and is uniquely founded on the customer journey modeller at its core. Every piece of feedback gathered (regardless of channel) is anchored to the relevant point on the customer journey (experience, transaction or touchpoint). This applies to both structured (scoring), unstructured (text verbatim) feedback. inQuba CX is unique in that it is the only platform built end-to-end with customer experience orchestration in mind. Our data model is the only one in the industry that anchors every piece of feedback to the customer journey, enabling you to disseminate and act on data in real-time. Content always goes to the right person at the right time, enabling rapid response. In addition, inQuba Engage is the only campaign and communications management tool that is seamlessly integrated into a CX orchestration platform, enabling you to both upsell, cross-sell and close the loop with the customer. inQuba provides unrivalled support capability through our local and extensive Customer Success Teams and technical resources. inQuba’s clients are typically blue-chip leaders in their respective fields, and they use our platform to gain a competitive advantage. inQuba CX runs large and complex CX programs with these and many other organisations in South Africa and across the globe. We have helped our clients to identify moments of magic and misery in the customer journey, and have helped them to achieve outstanding results. For more information visit