• 31 July & 1 August 2019
    CTICC, Cape Town
    Aligning African Customer Experience
    to Global Best Practice
  • What’s Different in 2019
    • Focused content for both executives and
    execution level professionals
    • Bigger visible focus on CX technology
    • Training of frontline staff in day zero workshops
    • Best practice showcase from EU and US

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The 2019 edition of CEM Africa Summit is Aligning African Customer Experience to Global Best Practice

31 July & 1 August 2019 |  CTICC  | Cape Town

CEM Africa is a meeting place for CX professionals and innovative CX solution providers. Where like-minded customer experience experts and the top CX solution providers gather for an informative and educational summit with the common goal of improving customer experience across Africa. The event will provide a platform for like-minded CX professionals to showcase their industry knowledge as well as solutions to better the customer’s perception of the brand.

Expert Keynotes

Workshop Sessions

Networking Opportunities


Take a look at the various current trends affecting CX professionals

Driving Customer Emotions

Although brands may be liked or trusted, most fail to align themselves with the emotions that drive their customers’ most profitable behaviours. Some brands by nature have an easier time making such connections, but a company doesn’t have to be born with the emotional DNA of Disney or Apple to succeed. This session will investigate best practice applications of emotional motivators, storytelling to link emotions and creating consistency and relevance when driving customer emotions.


Calculating Experiences

It is clear that measurement is a key factor In allocating company resources and justifying investment in CX. Knowing where to focus and how to construct measureable initiatives is a major pain point for CX professionals. This session will explore what to measure and how to identify correlations between CX initiatives and business objectives to create a measurable customer experience strategy that delivers real business results.


Extracting Value from Data

The rapid development of technology in CX has failed to produce a corresponding return. Much of this has to do with an over-prioritization on technology as opposed to the insights that it generates. Extracting value from data will examine how to draw the most out of your data and bring your CX strategies to life. This session will cover best practice case studies and how to leverage technology intelligently to get a more efficient and valuable return on investment.


Outside-In CX

Customer centricity is an organisation wide prerogative and responsibility. True outside-in-cx is authentic, relevant and bound to the company purpose. This session dives into the practical application of customer centricity, how to tie emotion, measurement and data together in a workable strategy and how to prepare your employees to handle it all.

Requested solutions

Featuring leading solution providers offering products such as:

  • Cross-channel Orchestration
  • Customer Intelligence
  • CX Consulting
  • User Experience Design
  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Enterprise Social Collaboration
  • Multichannel Feedback
  • Data Management
  • Digital Marketing Platforms

  • CRM Solutions
  • Intelligent Advertising
  • Marketing Cloud Services
  • Contact Centre Optimisation